Questions? We've Got Answers.
Where can I put my TubLicious?
As long as you have a level, solid base you are ready to go. TubLicious is the "anywhere hot tub" inside a house or on a deck, on a boat or a boat dock... anywhere!
How do I fill and drain my TubLicious?
To Fill: Place your garden hose inside the skimmer opening, fill your spa until the water level reaches 1/3 the way up the square skimmer opening. No permanent water connection is required.

To Drain: Locate hose bib drain connection, attach your garden hose and open hose bib valve to gravity drain your spa. The hose bib connection is currently located behind the door in the equipment area. It is a standard garden hose connection with a knob to turn in order to drain the spa. We recommend you change the water every 2-3 months.
How do I take my cover on and off?
Ensure that all strap buckles have been released and simply slide the cover gently over the edge of your TubLicious. The cover is light enough to be handled by one person, therefore to put the cover back on, slip it over the edge and align straps to re-attach strap buckles.
How do I work my light and control?
With your digital topside panel, you control heat, pump speed and light functions by pushing the corresponding icon buttons. Refer to your TubLicious owner’s manual for details.
Do I have to get an electrician to install my TubLicious?
No electrician is required; Simply locate a dedicated 15A standard wall receptacle and plug in the GFCI cord that comes attached to your TubLicious. Push the reset button on the GFCI plug... you will see a red light; that means that the hot tub is ready to run.
Do I have to use chemicals in my TubLicious?
Yes. All spas must be treated with an approved sanitizer. You will need to locate a hot tub or swimming pool supplier to purchase chemicals for your Tublicious Spa.
How often do I have to empty and clean my TubLicious?
This has to do mainly with how much you use your TubLicious but generally empty, clean and fill every 2 to 3 months is recommended.
Can I put TubLicious in my house?
Yes, the TubLicious is versatile and designed to fit through most doors so it can be located almost anywhere! Make sure if you decide you want your TubLicious inside your house, that the room is protected against any water splash and has an adequate dehumidification system.
How do I turn the power on?
To turn on your TubLicious, simply plug the cord into a dedicated wall receptacle and push the “RESET” button located on the built-in GFCI.